Aggressive claims handling does not have to alienate injured employees…  

California Claims Management

We are finely attuned to the potential adversarial nature of workers’ comp claims.  We understand that employers want to provide the right kind of coverage for their employees but they can be apprehensive about abuse of benefits which can have significant financial impact on their company. That is why we constantly assess claims for any red flags, and aggressively pursue those who try to cheat the system.

However, aggressive claims handling does not have to alienate injured employees. Productive employees are your #1 resource, so we respond quickly to claims, maintain close communication, and ensure proper care and attention, so they can return to work as soon as possible.

Employees who are satisfied by the attention from their employer or claims administrator are less likely to seek legal counsel, and tend to return to work more quickly.

Establishing, early effective communications help us to achieve successful claims outcomes.  Although our processes to maximize communication may not be unique, our claims management is. It includes constant claims oversight and communication with injured employees – including contact to monitor their medical treatment, off-work status, and return to work prospects if applicable.

Republic Capital has partnered with key service vendors to provide and customize MPN offerings, physical, medical and pharmacy networks, with utilization controls, litigation management, and medicare secondary payer services for complete claims administration services.