As TPA’s have gotten bigger, services have gotten smaller…

Your California TPA for Workers Compensation

Unfortunately, in a business culture where growth and the bottom line has become the norm, client service and program management can become a lower priority – more reactive instead of proactive. Larger TPA’s may be effective for national clients or larger public entities, however, they are unable to provide the flexibility and focused attention smaller to mid-sized California businesses need and deserve.

Republic Capital provides a level of California claims experience and intensive program management that can be lost on TPA’s with big client bases in many different states.

Focusing exclusively on workers’ compensation in the Golden State enables Republic Capital to provide you with specialized advantages:

  • Expertise navigating California’s unique and ever-changing workers’ compensation environment.
  • Experience working with California’s health system and medical providers.
  • Familiarity with California’s vast range of workplace environments.
  • Navigating the unique jurisdictional differences within California.
  • Understanding the specific needs of California employers that self insure.

If you are less than satisfied with your existing TPA, and/or having difficulty understanding the complexities of your workers’ compensation program, we are the company that can help!