We’ve been there… we’ve done that… and we’re committed to providing superior services for our clients. 

Innovative California TPA Leadership

We have brought together a highly skilled and experienced management team with a vision to provide our clients a TPA partnership that is not readily available in the current marketplace.

During our long careers, each member has held high-level positions in large, expanding, TPA’s – only to witness the resulting difficulty in being able to properly service businesses in the Golden State. 

We’ve all worked as claims examiners, servicing all sizes and types of accounts, including private and public insured and self-insured entities. We’ve also been on the employer’s side.  Our management specialities include:

  • TPA Branch Management
  • Workers’ Compensation Program Management for public and private agencies
  • Joint Powers Authorities
  • Managed Care Programs
  • MPN Management
  • Client Services

Together we are uniquely qualified and focused to provide total program management for your company.