We only employ experienced claims professionals and empower them to serve you.  More experience + more time = better service and better outcomes.

California Claims Examiners

As other TPA’s have grown, so has their necessity to satisfy their bottom line by recruiting younger, less-qualified examiners to meet demand. However, these comparatively inexperienced agents are still tasked  with exceptionally heavy caseloads and examiners are moved from client to client. This does not translate well for optimum personal service. Indeed, it creates a taxing environment where larger clients and “squeaky wheels” are likely to receive priority attention.  

With Republic Capital, you can expect a highly qualified examiner who is truly invested in your interests. Our claims staff want to deliver the highest level of personalized service and have the qualifications, experience and ongoing training to achieve that.  Your examiner will have extensive experience with self-insured entities in California and in dealing with clinics, medical providers, physical therapy providers, defense attorneys, applicant counsel and other service providers. 

Just as important, is our commitment to lower caseloads, which is fundamental to our business model.  This allows our examiners to have the TIME as well as the capacity to do their job the way it should be done. This is why we attract only the most talented and experienced staff because we provide an atmosphere that allows them to do a quality job at the highest level.