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Are You Making These 7 Costly Workers Compensation Insurance Mistakes?

For many employers, California workers compensation insurance is simply an unavoidable cost of doing business, unworthy of much attention. At least until their premiums go through the roof. The fact is, workers’ compensation insurance isn’t merely a line item expense. It’s an expense employers have a great deal of control over. But those who don’t […]

California Workers Compensation Insurance: Caseload Catastrophes

In this fast-paced world, we’re all multitaskers. Juggling multiple responsibilities is a requirement for survival these days. But each of us is guilty of occasionally biting off more than we can chew. And what happens when we do? One or more items on the “to-do” list inevitably slip through the cracks. There’s nothing wrong with […]

Five Ways Your Medical-Only Work Comp Claims Can Become Costly Indemnity Claims

In the ongoing battle to control your California workers’ compensation insurance costs, the last thing you need is to be making costly mistakes that end up unnecessarily drawing out your work comp claims. But it happens every day, and employers too often find themselves dealing with what they thought was a medical-only claim that has […]

Falling Employees Cause Rising California Workers Compensation Insurance Costs – 7 Steps to Prevention

In the ongoing battle to keep workers’ compensation costs under control, there are many pieces to the big picture, and it can sometimes be easy to overlook the small stuff. We can get so wrapped up in managing claims and dealing with compliance issues, medical treatment, legal hassles, return to work, and a thousand other […]

Leverage the power of ergonomics to help control California workers’ compensation insurance costs

For employers struggling to control spiraling workers’ compensation and medical costs, anything that can prevent workplace injuries from happening in the first place is welcome news. Keeping those costs down takes a multi-pronged approach, and there are numerous tools available to help you do that. But how many employers think of ergonomics as a workers’ […]